Chiropractic Services


Dr. Leinor utilizes diversified chiropractic treatment. Emphasis is placed on manual muscle treatments, followed by manual spinal/extremity adjustments/stretches. Adjunctive therapies include specific active & instrument soft tissue techniques & impulse joint adjusting using an Arthrostim.


Our office has been dispensing OTC orthotics (Superfeet)  and casting custom molded foot orthotics for over 10 years. We utilize one of the largest private foot orthotics labs in BC.  Conditions that may benefit from the prescription of foot orthotics include: plantar fasciitis, low back, ankle and knee pain, foot overpronation, sports injuries such as iliotibial band syndrome & patellar tracking problems.


Dr. Leinor affiliates with numerous health practitioners and promptly provides medical, massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, fitness and naturopathic referral when required.